WordPress Speed Optimization Services

WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Do you feel that your WordPress website is taking too much time to load? Then it is time to think about ways to speed up your website, as a slow loading WordPress website can hurt your SEO rankings, lead to reduced conversions, and a bad user experience. A survey was conducted among the visitors to a website. One of the major findings from the survey was that 57% of your site visitors will leave if the website takes over 3 seconds to load. In fact, a slow, buggy website is capable of damaging your brand and reputation greatly and can adversely affect those who rely on your site.
It may be advisable to partner with a good WordPress speed optimization service provider to improve your website loading speed, rather than doing it in-house. We are one of the leading WordPress speed optimization service providers committed to offering you exceptional page speed optimization services. Our dedicated team is capable of making your site blazing fast, ultra-secure, and keep it running at peak performance. We have worked on many websites for clients and helped them save their time, money, as well as efforts by improving their site’s speed performance. We will review your website in great detail using cutting-edge technologies to speed up and ease down the consumption of resources. We provide a customized solution for website speed optimization without draining your energy. We guarantee that with us your website will get the perfect score on Google Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix speed tests. So be ready to get a site that can handle unexpected peaks in traffic and works more efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

Optimizes Images

We will compress the images. This causes the size of the images to reduce greatly however, it will retain its quality. We will implement “lazy load” images on your site. Therefore, all the images and videos on your webpage will not load in one go. Instead, only those images which are being displayed in the view on the user’s browser are loaded. If your blog has lots of images, then the first few images will load initially and the other images will load slowly as the user scrolls down the blog. Lazy loading of images will help save bandwidth, storage space and reduce the costs of running your site.

Inspects Every Plugin

We will examine every plugin that has been installed on your website. We will delete what is not needed. We will also suggest better alternatives if we find something faulty, or outdated. This will result in better site speed but reduces the size of your WordPress website.

Optimizes Website Database

We will optimize and clean up the database of your website, thus making it slim and fast.

 How Do We work?

At first, you need to sign up with us, then we will start your optimization process:

Provide Us All Your Details

You need to fill out a short, secure form that outlines your current setup, credentials as well as contact info.


We will conduct a meeting and explain how we will work best together.

Audit Your Site

We will audit your site; identify the problems and/or areas that need improvement.

Optimizes and Improves

We will then start optimizing, securing, and stabilizing your WordPress site

Offers Maintenance and Support

We will go on with monitoring, maintaining, and protecting your site month after month.